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Dating do's and dont's


1. Be smartly but casually dressed, on time and of course initial meetings should always be on neutral ground, in a public place.

2. Smile, be positive and upbeat. The person you're meeting is a stranger to you, so you don't want to come across as a whinger or even worse, a loser!

3. Be friendly, chatty and interesting but don't dominate the conversation and guys- remember personal space.

4. Guys, be ready to stand your date a drink. There's nothing less agreeable than meanness and ladies, you should offer to buy a round. If he's a nice man, he'll probably refuse but at least he'll know you're not a gold digger!

5. Make your first meeting quite short; a coffee, a drink after work or even a lunch. A full-on first meeting puts additional pressure on you both and imagine how long an evening would seem if there were awkward silences…


1. Never accept lifts from someone you don't know well and don't agree to go to their home early in the relationship.

2. Don't take your past along with you. Whilst it's ok to talk about past experiences briefly, other people's emotional baggage can be exhausting!

3. Don't make your conversation a litany of complaints. No one wants to hear about your leaky roof, your ungrateful children or your grumpy boss.

4. At the end of the meeting, try to be honest. If you don't want to meet again a simple 'thank you for a nice evening' will suffice. If they ask if they can call you, you could just say that you've a very busy time coming up and unless they're really dim, they'll get the message.

5. Don't be a pest. If someone give you their email, address or phone details and you contact them again, sense the tone. If they're not really into you, let it go and move on. Whatever you do don't continue to phone, email or God forbid, drive past their house hoping for a glimpse of them. That's called stalking…


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